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Independence Day Tablescapes

So when are you all celebrating Independence Day since it's on a Wednesday? The weekend before? The weekend after? That day? Well whatever day you celebrate, I hope it is fun, safe and looks fabulous! Here are a few tablescapes I found online that I found great!

I love this one because of the hats. Adding a gift or something fun and unexpected to a setting is always a plus in my book. I find Memorial Day and 4th of July the more difficult holidays to match the decor with your typical style. Especially, if red, white and blue aren't part of your normal color scheme. This person did a great job with gold and glitz, which clearly fits into their home decor.

*Photo from

Who wouldn't want to spend a summer holiday on a boat? I mean, is there anything more American than that? lol I love the banners which are both patriotic and nautical. The alternating colored chairs are also a nice touch without being too much. And, well- there's shrimp... so they even kept on theme with the food. ;-)

*Photo by stylist Madelyn Downey

And speaking of boats... how cute is this idea for a cooler????

*Photo Credit:

Okay... so there are a couple reasons I love this one. First, it's totally picnic-y with the checked table cloth... in the middle of a field... and the basket of flowers centerpiece. The other reason I think it's great is... look how many plates there are! THAT means there will be lots of food. And we know how much I love food!

*Photo Credit:

I chose this last one because it was simple, has a sense of elegant and fun all at the same time. The sleek floor length tablecloth and the chairs bring some elegance to the table. The settings themselves are simple. And the watermelon centerpiece with paper lanterns above are super fun!

Photo from:

If you have a fabulous table, centerpiece or decorations for your 4th of July, email us and we will feature them in our next post.

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