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Our Collection of Collections

"Collections collect collectors. It doesn't work the other way around. A certain object misses its own kind and communicates that to some person who surrounds it with rhyming items; these become at first a quorum, then a selective, addictive madness." Allan Gurganus

If you're a collector, I am sure that quote resonates with you. You start buying items you like and before you know it, you're purchasing new cabinets and shelving to put them on. I have to admit, it was comforting when I realized that everyone who submitted photos collected more than one thing. For the longest time, I thought I only collected globes... the truth is, I collect vintage flashlights, maps, old car parts, adding machines... and I'm going to stop right there to avoid sounding like a hoarder. Well without further adieu... here are the wonderful collections our Facebook and Instagram friends sent to us!

Name: Melissa S

Home: Newtown, CT

Melissa loves to mix primitive, farmhouse and industrial items in her home. The shine of the pewter and the chippy-ness of the cabinet show that she integrates the styles well. She also collects crocks, ball jars and seltzer bottles. She finds her pieces at flea markets, tag sales and thrift shops. Melissa has collected for years and her style, as well as her collections, have evolved ... and grown.

"I guess you could say I’m sort of an expert, I know what I like and I buy what I love. You can always find a spot for it in your home!!" (Obviously, a girl after our own heart)

Melissa's Tip for New Collectors: "For someone just starting out, I would suggest buying what you love. Take your time with your collection. It doesn’t happen in a day- it takes time and you don’t want it to look like it’s been thrown together. I say it’s the thrill of the hunt!!!"

** Melissa also sells on Facebook and at Adorn in Southbury, CT. **


Name: Stefanie W.

Home: Bethany, CT

When Stefanie sent us pictures, I think if you looked at me you'd actually see one of those emojis with the heart eyes. The colors!!! Although she has only been collecting for four or five years, her Pyrex collection is extensive with over 500 pieces AND she says she will never be done! :) Stefanie also collects other vintage kitchen items and board games. Her pieces come from thrift shops, her "amazing husband" and other collectors.

Stefanie's Tip for New Collectors: "Have fun!! Go to thrift shops and look. The hunt is the best part!!"

Stefanie runs a Facebook Group where CT locals can sell, buy and trade vintage kitchenware. To join click here.


Name: Meghan B.

Home: Bethlehem, CT

Meghan has lots of great collections that are nicely displayed. She has milk bottles, old wooden crates, vintage sporting equipment and many more. My favorite is her judge gavels! (She may have some competition hunting them down lol) There's not a ton of items in each, but you can tell they were carefully chosen. She shops tag sales and "junk shops" and says her collections will never be complete.

Meghan's Tip for New Collectors: "Display things in groups and preferably in odd numbers."


Name: Rose B.

Home: StoneHill in Morris, CT

Rose has been collecting for about 45 years. She almost lost the majority of her items about ten years ago when lightning struck her home and burnt it down. "The Morris Fire Dept members hand carried many items out. They were as upset as I was with the vintage, non replaceable items!" Rose loves her collection of vintage suitcases and is always on the hunt for new additions. With the books, globes and suitcases, I am going to guess she's a bit of a dreamer and an adventurer. She also collects clocks, vintage toys, signs and kitchen items.

Rose's Tip for New Collectors: "Pick just a handful of absolute favorites. Do not over do it. If you find a must have piece that does not fit on the shelf , gift it to someone to start their own collection. Another thing I do at times is stow things away , then bring them back out ! It is like shopping in your own home!"

**Rose is the founder of Little Free Library at StoneHill and is on a mission to bring LFLs all over Litchfield County. For more info click here.


Name: Stella G.

Age: 13

Home: Woodbury, CT

Stella has been collecting nutcrackers since she was nine years old. "Christmas is a magical time. Collecting nutcrackers allows me to hold on to that throughout the year." With approximately 80 in her collection, she stopped purchasing them for a while to weed out doubles and broken ones. Stella has now started scouring flea markets and tag sales again to find unique ones.

Stella's Tip for New Collectors: "Find something you love and you'll start seeing them everywhere. You may take a break from collecting, but you'll always go back to it."


I don't know about you guys, but I'm totally inspired to rearrange my house to make room for new pieces!!! Thank you so much to Melissa, Stefanie, Meghan, Rose and Stella for sharing your collections with us. Each of your displays is unique and beautiful. AND you all had the best tips for new collectors!!! Thank you so much!

Debra and Nicole xxoo

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