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Meet Debra

     Living her dream as an artist, Debra Germain shares her 1700's barn with her husband Don, and a menagerie of pets. She is a New England native with a unique style.

     Debra is self taught with over forty years of experience, creating with a variety of mediums, such as acrylic and oil paints, pastels and charcoals. Her inquisitiveness and joy of learning has brought her many opportunities to learn new techniques from other wonderful artists around the world.

     "I believe we are all born with gifts. Art is one of mine." Debra enjoys mixing different shades of paint to create "happy" colors for each painting she creates. She is delighted when her art evokes enjoyment in her clients.

     Her zest for life and love of nature is shown in each of her paintings. Debra is best known for her flowers, farm animals and pumpkins. "My art is always evolving as my success and knowledge grows. I am very blessed to be able to live my passion and share it with others."

Meet Nicole

Nicole lives in Woodbury, CT with her husband, three daughters and their dog, Elvis. She loves being creative, binge watching TV and long walks through the flea market.  

She has a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising and a certificate in Culinary Arts. She has spent her entire life learning about vintage, and how to be boujee on a budget. During the eleven years of co-owning their boutique, Nicole's favorite things were painting furniture and helping clients make their homes beautiful. 

She is super excited about the next adventure with her favorite partner in crime! 

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