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Our Letter to You

Hello Fabulous,

Isn’t it funny how 10 years can seem so long, yet go by so quickly?!

And what a wonderful ten years it has been! We have enjoyed being your “real life Pinterest”, your source for everything vintage and most of all, we’ve enjoyed being your friend. Fortunately, the only thing that is going to change is our location. Below, we will give you the who, why, what, & when of what is next.

Who: For those of you who do not know who we are (*GASP), we are a dynamic mother daughter team who have owned our company, Maison St. Germain for 10 ½ years. We started out online, with a large international following but yearned for the day to day contact with people we could see and speak with in real life. Of course, it was no question of where we wanted to open our brick and mortar store. The community we lived and loved so much, Woodbury CT. Our first location was 650 square feet and jam packed with vintage goodness. After a few years, we grew out of the space and opened our other store in Middle Quarter Mall. That store was a super fun 1100 square feet with different rooms, making it a joy to restyle on a weekly basis. It also, had a large work space off the back of the building that enabled us to grow the furniture painting part of our business. Then, a couple years later, we decided that we wanted to expand our clothing area and offer you modern items in addition to our vintage. That’s when our landlord showed us the old New Morning store and we were in love. (We are suckers for brink and wood) It has been our most favorite space and even if we opened somewhere else, I don’t think we’d love it as much as this. In the past three years of being here, we have exceeded our expectations and have never run out of creativity or love for the business. That’s what makes our decision to pursue different dreams so bittersweet.

Why: So why are we closing?? Ever since we started our business, we talked about, one day writing a book and publishing a magazine. We decided that now is the time to do both! (Because, of course we would do both at once) Our EBook will come out in the Fall and be filled with all that is fabulous about the season, including how-tos, our favorite places to buy decor, recipes and more! Our magazine will be out next year and will be similar to our store, except we will be in your homes (without being creepy) giving you MORE ideas and tips. We will feature amazing homes, shops, how-tos, fashion, gardening etc. We are so excited, and literally feel like it’s going to be an epic adventure. We can’t wait to talk to artists, shop owners and YOU! We want to write stories that will not only inspire, but spark the creativity you may not have known you had.

What (Else): Well, we couldn’t stop doing everything we love. These are the services we will continue to offer.

Furniture Painting: Do you have an heirloom piece you love, but it just doesn’t go with your decor? Or have you recently bought something that isn’t going to work as is? We can help you choose a color and paint it so you love it! We can come to you or you can bring the piece to us.

Home Re-Styling: We all have that one room that just isn’t where we want it to be. Sometimes you just need another perspective… and sometimes you just need to hand it over to someone completely. Either way, we are here for you.

Event Consulting & Sourcing: We love parties and events so much, that we want to help you with yours! Whether it’s a birthday party or a retail event, we have the sources and creativity to make it amazing. We will give you ways to get the most bang for your buck, help you with theme ideas and and can assist you in attracting the most visitors to your shop events.

NEW Services for Fellow Business Owners

Wholesale Opportunities: Do you have a retail location and love our style? We will be designing a variety of products just for you! Keep an eye on our website for updates.

Retail Merchandising: Being a shop owner is a lot of work. We are being stretched in 100 different directions daily. If merchandising your shop is not your favorite task, leave it to us! We love it and are kindaaa good at it.

When: How long will we be at 738 Main Street South? We are hoping to sell everything by September. With that being said, we are literally putting our new merchandise everyday!!! We have three storage areas that we need to clean out… so our stock will not get stale. We can pretty much guarantee that you will see different stuff each time you come in.

Finally, we want to THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! I know we say this all the time, but we really have the most awesome customers and clients ever. You have made these ten years so joyful and gratifying, that I don’t think we could ever put into words what that means to us. We are only a DM, email, phone call or text away. So, friends, we hope you will continue this crazy, fun, creative journey with us.

With love,

Debra and Nicole

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