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Cute AND Functional

Well, it's not everyday you get something that is cute AND functional. And let's be honest... we can all use a little more of that- right? This compact desk measures 32" Wide x 20 1/4" Deep x 30" High. It has a single drawer and depending on your height... just enough leg room. I am 5'3" and I was comfortable.

On the front side, the desk has a built in bookshelf! What?!?! It could be such a cute display area... or you can be practical and use it for ... books. :)

When I purchased the desk I had envisioned it painted with a stained top.... So that's what I went with. It was ok... nice even. But being a mission style desk, the look was too primitive for me. I left it overnight, hoping when I came in the next day, it would grow on me.

Yeah- it didn't.

I repainted the top a charcoal grey and switched out the drawer pull. The bookshelf/ cubby is painted a lighter grey so whatever you put in there will stand out and it won't be so dark. I like the piece so much more now.

What do you think? Would you have left it with the stained top?

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