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Yesterday was such an exciting, exhausting, thrilling and FUN day at the NY Now show at the Javits Center. We could have totally spent another day walking around and shopping. Of course, if we did, we would probably have no money to get home. ;) First of all... I can't even take the cuteness of these little cars. They are handmade from recycled tin in Madagascar. I. Love. Every. Single. One.

So, super excited about these new pieces of jewelry that are coming in. The bracelets on the left are made from recycled flip flops! And the necklaces, well they are just fantabulous.

We found these rugs 20 minutes to the end of the show. Although they were an impulse buy- they were totally worth it! Made from silk remnants in India.

Did I mention the cars???

OH this purse! How I love this purse... Spring can not come soon enough so I can rock this. We will also have smaller sizes in stock.

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